Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two Technologies; The Ultra Rugged Handheld Manufacturer

Two Technologies HANDGEAR and Hydrus handheld computer products are the most Ultra-Rugged devices on the market today.

Rugged handheld computers have been on the market for a long time.   It’s hard to find a handheld company, or even a smart phone provider today that does not claim that their product is “rugged”.

Rugged is easy.  (OK, this is coming from a company who has made rugged products for over 24 years…)

Rugged for an increasing number of outdoor applications is not enough.

For those applications, companies turn to Two Technologies Ultra-Rugged Computers (TTURC).

TTURC is the culmination of nearly a quarter century of engineering development and field experience with over one million products in use around the world.

TTURC extends existing international test standards in specifications and adds operational standards based upon those of real-world applications.

To be a TTURC product means the following:

  • Ability to survive and operate after being submerged in water at least three feet deep for at least an hour.  Rain and drizzle (IPx4 and IPx5) or a fast garden hose (IPx6) are just not real-world tests!  TTURC products exceed IP67 testing.

  • Twenty-six drops, of the same unit, onto concrete/steel (every face, edge, and corner) from at least four feet and operate completely after each drop.  While this is based on MIL-STD-810G (and would pass it) it actually is a much tougher and more real world evaluation.

  • Withstand fine dust and dirt particles without failure.  Keyboards, speakers, microphones, doors, and touch panels must all be able to withstand operation in fine desert and the worst river mud without degrading performance or functionality.  Units rated at IP5x are not able to pass this test.  For TTURC it requires at least IP6x ratings.

  • Operate in direct sun at the operating temperature of +50 degrees Celsius. This test takes into account the heat added by direct sunlight on the case and peripherals.

  • Operate for at least 20 hours at the minimum operating temperature of -20 degrees Celsius. This test takes into account the common effect that extreme cold has on battery technology.  Ultra battery capacity is mandatory.

  • Direct sunlight readable display without the need of any backlight.  The outdoors is where TTURC design shines. Operational means legible display graphics, long battery life and high temperature tolerance.  By not using the backlight in direct sun this both increases the battery life and lowers the self heating of the unit due to battery discharge; ultimately accomplishing both requirements.

  • Keyboards that last a minimum of 1 million keystrokes per key.  Key entry is critical to outdoor field computer operation.  TTURC keys are tested to operate for at least 1 million keystrokes without failure.  A broken key means a broken unit and in the field this can mean tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue.

  • Real outdoor operation of computers often means the user must wear gloves.  TTURC devices are designed to allow the operator to leave their gloves on while using the computers. Keyboards and touch screens both operate efficiently and correctly with a gloved hand.  

  • This is just a small sampling of Two Technologies Ultra-Rugged Computers as a product standard.   We are continually evaluating our products and improving them to increasing the value of Ultra-Rugged technology to our customers.

We are so confident that our TTURC products are the best handhelds available today that we are increasing our standard warranty on newly purchased units to a full three years.   

By Eric Eckstein, President and COO, Two Technologies, Inc.